Alexandra and Victoria's
Drawings - Feb. 2001
Due to a "drawing growth spurt", I have had to make another gallery
 - take a look and you will see that they could not have been left out!




This is my (dad's) favourite from this series.





Victoria did this picture after a show at school with "yo, yo people" (lots and lots of people :-) 

Note the colouring of the three dogs
- like our Rottie Duna.

This one is special in that Victoria 
has drawn detailed flowrers and grass. 
Also, her name is very elaborate.

This one has the usual prince 
princess, king and queen 
- note the 3 flying fairies!

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Always happy people in their images.
Note the detail in the girls' bows.

...yes, you guessed it - this one was done 
after the same show with "yo-yo people".

These last two in the series where done 
for daddy - "Elias"

Both of them have very vivid colours.

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