Alexandra and Victoria's
Drawings - February 2001

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Alexandra's Victoria's

Card from Alexandra for Victoria.
Niña sitting on chair.
Baby Duna and mummy Duna.
Prince standing up and flowers.
Card from Victoria to Alexandra
Sleeping Beauty (Aurora) in a pink house.
Prince Phillip house (green with flag).
Below - king and queen. Little to the left and naughty witch below.

Card for Leo (school friend)
Pretty houses where queen (larger)
and baby (smaller) live.
Naughty witch to the right.
Good sun and naughty sun.
Nice niña inside the house. A boy outside.
Baby cot to the right. Sun.

Card for Mummy
King, Prince Phillip´s daddy, Prince Phillip with sad face, Queen and Sleeping Beauty
- all in houses with flags.
Naughty witch to the right.
King in the middle.Queen to the right with Sleeping beauty in the middle and three fairy godmothers
(red, blue and green).
Same again to the left of King.

Card for Alexandra from Alexandra :-)
King and Queen.
Queen, King and Sleeping Beauty Aurora with rose. Smiley sun.
Little niña going to see fairy. Sun does not want to wake up. An aeroplane. Grass. Chair and Table.
Christmas trees - mummy and baby on the right and mummy to the left.
Card for Laura (school friend).
Sleeping beauty and Prince.
Another card for Alexandra.
Sleeping Beauty with rose,
Prince Phillip and little chair.
Card for Grandma.
Princess getting baby out (dungarees) - nearly at the doctor's with the prince. A Sun.
A house with a rainbow cot and a baby sitting down to have dinner.